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Highly Stylized Romano-Celtic Disc Applique

Circa 1st-2nd Century AD

Description:  Well preserved sheet bronze repousse disc applique with stylized embossed relief of a horse and rider with spear and a small animal running alongside the horse, possibly a small dog or hare. Bordering the disc are repeating embossed knobs. This particular type of applique, imitating coins, began in Celtic society, and remained popular during and just after Hadrianís rule. The type were originally decorated with Celtic triskele patterns, but became heavily Romanized to satisfy local military tastes influenced by Hadrianís arrival in Britain.  An important example of the fusion of Celtic stylized art and Roman .

Height:  1.25 in. (3.5 cm)

Condition:  Intact as shown.  Three original rivets that would have held the applique to a leather strap remain in place.  A small area of loss to the left border, not affecting the main scene.

Provenance:  The applique was formerly a German property.

Reference:  See Richard Hattatt's  (UK 1982) Ancient and Romano-British Brooches, #136-140 for brooches with similar repousse technique.

Compare:  Celtic art is highly stylized and it is this expressive approach that influenced the original craftsman of this disc.  Some of the best surviving examples of Celtic art are coins.  See this Celtic Gold stater in the British Museum for an example of high Celtic art. 

Price:  $ 550


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