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Roman Bronze Erote Playing Double Flute

Circa 2nd-3rd Century AD    

Description:  Crisp naturalistically rendered cast bronze applique in the form of Eros playing a double flute. The lively figure is captured in mid-dance, stepping to his left with legs spread apart, arms raised to hold the flutes and head turned in the direction he is moving. The winged Eros is naked and bears the soft features of a child. A single feathered wing is visible in profile, rich with incision to indicate the plumage. He has a full face with eyes cast upward and small nose. He has thick hair parted to the side ending in curls. The two flutes are punched with the individual finger holes. Lovely smooth green patina. Concave on the reverse side. Eros is the child of Aphrodite.  Very fine bronze workmanship.

Height:  2.2 in. (5.8 cm)

Condition:  Intact with smooth dark emerald green patina.  Mounted on a custom perspex stand.

Provenance: Formerly a German property.

Price:  $ 1,975

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