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Selections from our Greek Antiquities Gallery

The ancient Greeks are admired for their pursuit of democratic ideals, excellence in athletic competition, and mastery of the arts. The high period of Greek art and influence dates roughly from 1200 BC to 200 BC and can be divided broadly into four major periods: the Geometric Period (1200 BC - 700BC); the Archaic Period (700 BC - 480 BC); the Classical Period (480 BC - 330 BC); and the Hellenistic Period (330 BC - 200 BC).

Greek antiquities are highly desirable and even the most modest examples reflect grace, form and aesthetics. While some types of Greek art, such as marble sculpture, command prices inaccessible to many collectors, affordable examples of Greek antiquities can be found in pottery, terracotta, bronze and on occasion jewelry.

Following is a small survey of items currently available from Fragments of Time's inventory. Click on any item to see full description and color image.

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Don't forget to visit our Bookshelf: Greek Antiquities & History


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